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Visula studio shortcut

Guudddduuuu Mornnning….. 🙂 Today is sunday morning and i am writing this post and my breakfast is waiting for me(haaaa). So i choose little light topic to write.

Let’s start.Today we  talk about Visual Studio SDK shortcuts.I daily used some shortcuts while i am writing code.Microsoft provides a Visual Studio shortcuts poster.You can download Visual Studio shortcuts in pdf format at the end oft his post.

Following are some most frequently used shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcut Command
F7 Toggles between design and code views.
F9 Toggles breakpoint.
F12 Go to definition of a variable, object, or function.
Ctrl+Shift+7Ctrl+Shift+8 Quickly navigate forward and backwards in the go to definition stack.
Shift+F12 Find all references of a function or a variable.
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+M Expand and collapse code outlining in the editor.
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+CCtrl+K, Ctrl+U Comment and uncomment line(s) of code, respectively.
Shift+Alt+Enter Toggles between full screen mode and normal mode.
Ctrl+I Incremental Search.

Downaload Visual Studio Shortcut Poster

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