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Multiple File Uploader C# Asp.Net (Jumploader)

Before few days i was developed a website where i was used asp.net file upload control. But the limitation is that user can select only single file at a time.But we require a file uploader with

  •  Multiple File Selection (i.e. user can select multiple files to upload)
  • User can select only allowable Files (i.e. we can configure the file extention to upload)
  • Auto update when all files uploaded
  • It must be free control

I was tried a lot to find such file uploader and i was found that many multiple file uploader available with above mentioned features. But i like a JumpLoader

which is very useful and easy to use.

JumpLoader is a Java applet designed to upload files from the client to a server.

This is a valuable replacement for <input type=”file”>

you can read more about JumpLoader at www.jumploader.com

I was used jumploader in my project with c# Asp.Net.

How to use Jumploader with Asp.Net


We used follow http handler to upload the files.

  1. GalleryPhotos.aspx
  2. GalleryPhotoUpload.ashx
  3. jumploader_z.jar (Jumploader Jar file)


Above snap displays the HTML for Jumploader jar file.


Dowload Source

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